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We hope we can address any questions you are having. 

Here are our answers to common questions & online tutorials.

  • How do I create a listing?
    To create a new listing: Create a user account here. Fill out your profile’s information. Follow all the steps to provide us with the necessary information to promote your profile! Get started! ChatterBlock makes it easy for parents to discover your business and the activities that you offer!
  • Why should I list my business on ChatterBlock?
    Local parents use ChatterBlock to find activities for their kids. ChatterBlock aims to help parents discover your business! From there, parents can easily contact you through email, phone, or visit direct links on your website!
  • How will this help my business grow?
    Advertising on ChatterBlock differs from other platforms like Facebook. ChatterBlock's users are eager parents who are seeking activities for their children. Ads on ChatterBlock’s website and newsletters have significantly higher conversion rates compared to other social media sites.
  • Who keeps my schedule of activities up to date?
    Businesses can either list their schedules themselves through our easy-to-use self plans, or have the option to sign up for a full-service plan. Through our full-service plan, our team of marketing specialists will keep your schedules up to date.
  • Is there a cost associated with listing my business?
    We offer free listing options available to all businesses. However, if you want to reach more parents, you can upgrade to one of our advertising plans. These advertising plans will improve your visibility on our website, blogs, email newsletters, and social media channels. For more information about upgrading, check out our plans or schedule a call with one of our community managers here.
  • How do I promote an event?
    Listing events on ChatterBlock is free! In addition, we offer advertising options for event providers to further promote their events on our website and e-newsletter service. For more information, please email
  • How do I claim an existing business?
    If you found your unlisted business on ChatterBlock, please email with a request and one of our team members will help you gain administrative access to your listing.
  • How do I add a photo or logo for my business?
    Click the “Edit Profile” page on the left hand side of your dashboard. Gallery Photos (photos that will show on a carousel at the top of your business’ profile) can be added by uploading photos. scroll down to “Display and Directories,” where you can add your image/logo.
  • Can I list my business if I do not have a location?
    Yes! If your business has no physical location, a prompt will appear, asking you if you do not have a physical location. This is designed for virtual businesses and those who offer programs without a centralized location.
  • If I have more than one business location can I list it up?
    Yes, there are 2 options: If the business locations operate under the same administration, it may be best to use one business listing. You can enter classes and camps for their respective locations after the business listing is complete. If the business locations operate individually, it is recommended that each individual location has its own separate listing. Each listing will require a separate email address.
  • How do I list multiple business listings?
    To have multiple listings on ChatterBlock, you must log out of your current account, then create a new account for the other business. New accounts require a separate email address. These accounts must be used independently.
  • How do I list up the activities I offer across multiple regions?
    This feature is available as an additional upgrade. Please contact us to discuss different options and which regions you would like to reach. If you’re already an upgraded customer, your customer service representative will be happy to assist you!
  • What is the main difference between a class/camp and an event?
    Classes/camps are scheduled activities that occur on a regular basis. They are typically designed for a specific age group. Classes/camps take place after-school, throughout the weekend, or during the summer. In contrast, events are typically one-time activities that are generally open to the public. Typical events include holiday/cultural festivals, community fairs, concerts or performances.
  • How do I list a camp, class, or event?"
    Once the business listing has been created, select the “Events” option on the left hand side of your dashboard. Once selected, you will need to fill out the required information (i.e. Event Name, Description, Location, Date/Time, Price, Image) and optional information (i.e. website link, contact information, registration/ticket link).
  • How do I list online classes/camps?
    Once a business listing has been created, select the “Camps & Classes” option on the left hand side of your dashboard. Once selected, you will need to fill out the required information (i.e., program name, description, location, date/Time, Price) and optional information (i.e. website link, contact information, registration link, age restrictions).
  • How do I list up a lesson?
    Our programmers are working hard to display unscheduled lessons (i.e. tutoring, private lessons, etc). Stay tuned while this feature is being added.
  • How do I list a birthday party?
    This is an upgraded feature. Please contact us to discuss the different options that are available to your business. If you are already an upgraded customer, please contact your customer service representative, and they will be happy to assist you!
  • How do I import my activities?
    This is an upgraded feature. To upgrade, please contact us to discuss different options. If you are already an upgraded customer, please contact your customer service representative, and they will be happy to assist you. Importing activities requires providing us a spreadsheet with the required information (either by an export from your registration software or by completing a template, supplied by us).
  • Does ChatterBlock handle the registration for my business?
    No. ChatterBlock will happily provide your contact information to viewers and provide links to your registration portal. No registrations are made through our website.
  • Is there a difference between the number of activities I can post with a free vs paid listings?
    Yes, with our free listing you can only post up to 3 classes, camps, birthday parties or lessons. However, with our paid options, you can list an unlimited number of events.
  • Are there any additional fees for registrations that come through ChatterBlock?
    No. Registrations come through ChatterBlock either by phone, ChatterBlock’s messaging service, or page redirects. There are no sign-up fees, referral fees, or payment fees. You receive the full amount from your registrations.
  • How many subscribers do you have in my city?
    Our subscriber rates are constantly changing. If you are interested in learning more about getting your business featured in our newsletter and how many parents you can reach, please email or set-up a call with one of our community managers here.
  • What are the different types of emails you send to parents?
    There are three different types of newsletters that we send to our local parents: Our most standard parent newsletters feature some of our most recent articles, while showcasing our advertisers. We send out a newsletter called our Top Provider Guides on a seasonal basis, which features class and camp providers. Lastly, our dedicated emails are exclusive forms of advertising that promote a singular business and their activities or services.
  • How do I get my business featured in your newsletters?
    Guaranteed visibility in our newsletter only comes with select upgraded packages. If you are interested in learning more about getting your business featured in our newsletter and how many parents you can reach, please email or set-up a call with one of our community managers here.
  • How do I get parents to write reviews for me?
    Don't ask for reviews, ask for feedback. You want advice and input from your customers. Parents know that no business is perfect, and they can tell when reviews aren’t quite right. Use the information from your reviews to build on your strengths and make improvements where you need to.
  • What if I get a negative review?
    If a customer is unhappy, take it as a positive that you know about it. You have the opportunity to learn and adjust accordingly based on the situation. We suggest replying to a negative review. It’s helpful to start by thanking the person for taking time to write the review. Parents don’t just consider other parents’ reviews; they also want to see your responsiveness to a difficult situation. You are able to write a rebuttal to the review sharing your side of the story; just email with your rebuttal and we can publish it for you.
  • Will you take down a review for me?
    Our review policy is the following: Reviews are to be written only by customers of the business. Only if the reviewer is able to provide proof of the customer-business relationship will the review stay published on the site. Reviews that make personal attacks may be removed by ChatterBlock at any time. Our audience benefits from seeing both positive and negative reviews from past customers. We don't try to evaluate what are fair reviews, just that the reviews come from actual customers of the vendor.
  • Review evaluation process
    We have been in touch with the individual who left the review in order to verify they were a client. The review has been removed pending their proof being given. If this is a false and slanderous review, they will not be able to provide proof of service and the review will be unpublished. However, if I hear back from them with proof of service, the review will stay published on ChatterBlock. Although we will not remove your listing, you can write a rebuttal to the review sharing your side of the story; just email it over to us and publish it for you. If you have any questions about this, or if there is anything further that I can do for you in the interim, please let me know.
  • Can I add reviews that I have received in other places?
    We provide the option to add ratings/reviews you have received from other online platforms (i.e facebook, twitter or yelp) if you are subscribed to one of our full-serve advertising packages. If you are interested in learning more about our business submitted review feature, please email or set-up a call with one of our community managers here.
  • How do I post a native ad?
    You can post a native ad on ChatterBlock by logging into your business dashboard and clicking on the “+” button next to the green “My Promotions” tab or yellow “My Ad Campaigns” tab. As a free business you can only post up promotions while a business on a premium plan can post up a general promotion through the “My Ad Campaigns” tab. As a free business, you can only post promotions whereas on a premium plan, you can post ad campaigns.
  • What is the difference between a general promotion and discount ad?
    With our discount promotion ads, you are required to provide a special discount offer off products, services, or activities you are selling. When someone clicks on your discount promotion ad, they are provided with the coupon code to take advantage of your offer. With our general promotion ads, you are not required to include a discount, you are simply advertising what your business offers. It is intended to attract someone to click on the ad to be directed to your website.
  • Where are the native ads displayed?
    The native ads are displayed throughout the ChatterBlock website but the majority of ads appear in the sidebar of our directories and blogs.
  • How many ads can I have on ChatterBlock?
    Yes, you can store up to 5 ads at a time.
  • How do parents contact us through ChatterBlock?
    When a parent visits your profile on ChatterBlock they can contact you either via phone or through a built in contact form.
  • Where do I see the messages that parents send to my business?
    You will be notified via email when a parent sends you a message. You have the option to either have your messages appear directly in your inbox or through your business dashboard. If your email address is the same login email as the email from which you receive inquiries on ChatterBlock, all messages with parents will appear in your business dashboard. For businesses that have a login email address that is different from the email address that receives inquiries, you will still respond to parent inquiries as you have in the past via email.
  • Can I update the email address where I receive these messages from parents?
    Yes you can change the email address where you receive messages from parents. Follow these steps: Log into your ChatterBlock account using Click on the “Profile Strength” button on your business dashboard Scroll down and see which email address is currently set as the email in the “Change Contact Details” section Update the address accordingly. If you have questions or need assistance send an email to and one of our team members will assist you.
  • What is the difference I receive between a free marketing plan and paid marketing plan?
    With a free plan, you are limited in the number of classes or camps you can post and your listing will appear further down in our directories. With paid marketing plans, not only are you placed higher in rankings, but you unlock other features (depending on plans) such as website ads, newsletter ads, top provider guide inclusions, and dedicated emails.
  • How do I know if I am receiving results from ChatterBlock?
    Results can be tracked through your Google Analytics. We also can track results (i.e. click-throughs, ad impressions, newsletter opens, etc.) and may include a campaign review call depending on which paid marketing plan is purchased.
  • What is the difference between self-serve and full-serve?
    With self-serve plans, the business will handle all of their content on the ChatterBlock website through their dashboard. With full-serve plans, the ChatterBlock marketing team will take care of the data entry and ads, with input from the business, thereby saving time (either through website links, email, or other means of obtaining data).
  • Do you offer any custom marketing plans?
    Yes, this would need to be discussed with one of our managers based on time-frame and marketing features to be used. Email to talk to one of our marketing specialists today!
  • Do you offer any refunds?
    No, although with custom plans we may offer a credit or extension due to an extraordinary circumstance (such as COVID-19).
  • Can I choose to pay for results instead?
    No. Our pricing is relatively low, it takes some fixed costs on our end to set up a campaign.
  • Do you have a media kit?
    Yes, please contact us at requesting further details about our media kits!
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