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6 Ways to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Business

The customer’s journey down the marketing funnel - the process of converting a visitor into a paying customer - can be challenging. However, positive reviews significantly help customers make a purchase decision. By creating a trustworthy environment, customers will more likely visit your site after reading positive reviews. How do you get your customers to write positive reviews? We have come up with a complete list that showcases how to achieve this.

1. Identify the right moment

Ask for customer reviews at strategic moments along the customer journey. Understand where your customer is in their buyer’s journey and analyze if they are satisfied enough to leave a positive review. Whenever you know your customers are happy with your product or service, ask them to submit a review.

These are signs that your customer has reached that stage along the buyer’s journey:

  • After they experience or demonstrate success with your product or service.

  • When they re-purchase or re-order.

  • After they tag your brand in a post on social media or they have referred you to others.

2. Make it easy for them

Customers are not going out of their way to write a review. Create a template and strategize a way for your customer to give feedback in a matter of seconds. For example: rather than asking customers to click on a link within an email message and go to a separate landing page, allow them to provide feedback by responding directly to an email. Use call-to-action buttons and pop-ups on your website to lead them to your Yelp or Google My Business review page. Just keep it simple.

You can also set up a contest or giveaway where people who leave reviews about your company are entered into a drawing with a random winner. For example: gift cards can be enough of an incentive to get people to leave a review.

3. Communicate with customers

There are multiple ways to ask customers for reviews. One way to do this - ask for a customer’s email address and phone number during billing. If they accept, this is a great sign they had a positive experience and are willing to share their experience with others. Just send them a follow-up email and ask for honest feedback.

Here are some other examples to ask customers for a positive review:

  • Include review reminders on your website.

  • Vocally share how much you would appreciate honest feedback.

  • Use in-store posters to encourage reviews.

4. Optimize your customer service

If customers are leaving negative or no reviews at all, analyze the quality of your service. Customer service is the deciding factor in winning their positive sentiment and a step towards reaching customer loyalty. As long as you are meeting customer needs and expectations, they’ll be happy to leave you positive feedback. Be present and willing to help at all times.

5. Utilize Social Media

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to post specific questions regarding your business’s performance. Through Google Analytics, you can prioritize the ones that are bringing you the most traffic.


The easiest platform to get reviews from, customers can leave a rating directly on your page. Make sure your review tab is activated, many businesses don’t even realize they have this feature turned off. Increase the probability of getting more reviews by responding to them (especially the negative ones).


Stories can be extremely powerful in obtaining customer feedback - the process of asking and answering questions increases engagement between you and your followers. Create eye-catching visuals. Collect feedback from polls to know what your customers want.


Twitter allows you to identify relevant discussions about your brand and discover customer issues that you can resolve quickly. This platform allows you to create automated welcome messages and get more positive reviews. You can also create a poll to get feedback on your service/products.

6. Create a listing with ChatterBlock

By having a listing with ChatterBlock, you can get parents to rate and review your business on our website.

With a ChatterBlock premium account, we will import ratings/reviews from other platforms to your listing. These reviews will improve the ranking of your profile on ChatterBlock. By increasing your overall directory presence, your profile will receive more views.

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