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Belfry Theatre Case Study

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Belfry Theatre raises brand awareness and was exposed to over 36,000 eyes as a direct result of advertising with ChatterBlock.

The Belfry Theatre is a professional adult theatre company that is dedicated to producing contemporary plays.


The Belfry Theatre wanted to expand outside of their typical network and be in front of parents who are specifically searching for programs to take part in. They also faced challenges creating awareness about their programs with limited resources.


Focusing on adding performances to the Belfry Theatre’s ChatterBlock page is a clear and targeted way to maximize exposure to parent audiences. ChatterBlock connects parents to family performances through e-newsletters that effectively reach engaged parents.


In 2018-2019, over 335 highly engaged leads went to the Belfry Theatre website directly from ChatterBlock resulting in many ticket sales and a high ROI.

ChatterBlock also provides great overall brand awareness. Between premium presence and ads, the Belfry Theatre brand was exposed to over 36,000 pairs of eyes.

"ChatterBlock is an excellent platform to reach engaged parents who want their kids to have a variety of experiences growing up."

The Campaign

Belfry Theatre has been a top tier ChatterBlock client since 2016. Their package highlights include:

  • Premium presence in our directories

  • Listing of events and special performances

  • ChatterBlock website ads

  • Inclusion and features in parent newsletters

  • Full campaign management from

Why ChatterBlock?

“ChatterBlock is an intuitive platform that is easy to use. We valued being highlighted in the e-newsletters and are really happy with the great job ChatterBlock’s staff does taking care of us as a client.”

We were pleased to hear from the Belfry Theatre that we came highly regarded as a company to work with for our professional, transparent, effective, and prompt service.

“ChatterBlock helps us target parents outside of our typical network – Parents looking for things to do with their kids.”

-Mark Dusseault from Belfry Theatre on ChatterBlock:

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