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CMT San Jose Case Study

CMT San Jose’s brand awareness increased after partnering with ChatterBlock. They received a 200% increase in content views from 2017-2021.

CMT San Jose is a world-class theater featuring local talented youth. Celebrating 53 years of artistic excellence, they train and educate today’s youth through musical theater.


CMT San Jose was looking for an accommodating service that could manage data from various different platforms and improve workplace productivity.


By using ChatterBlock, events at CMT San Jose are calendarized and planning calls are set up in advance. This helps them plan ahead for the entire year. With an account manager updating listings and inputting data, CMT San Jose’s employee productivity has improved tremendously.


ChatterBlock provided CMT San Jose with great overall brand awareness. Between premium presence and ads, the CMT San Jose’s brand was exposed to over 40,000 pairs of eyes from 2017-2021.

Our camps sell every year and we never have an empty spot. We utilize ChatterBlock to put effort into bringing in new people; they constantly meet our goals in selling classes and workshops.

The Campaign

CMT San Jose has been a top tier ChatterBlock client since 2017. Their package highlights include:

  • Premium presence in our directories

  • Listing of events and special performances

  • ChatterBlock website ads

  • Inclusion and features in parent newsletters

  • Full campaign management from ChatterBlock’s customer success team

Why ChatterBlock?

“We chose ChatterBlock because of the account management. ChatterBlock provides data to see how our clicks are going and what the account is providing; other resources don’t always share the back-end side of data management. ChatterBlock provides transparency and lets us know if we are getting results.”

We were pleased to hear from CMT San Jose that they appreciate our customer service standards and enjoy the help with planning their yearly sales strategy and remaining organized.

“I would recommend ChatterBlock because they provide consistency and a platform that is easy to use. As well as having a personal connection with the company.”

-Anna from CMT San Jose on ChatterBlock

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