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Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Case Study

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Decidedly Jazz’s brand awareness increased after partnering with ChatterBlock. Over 144,000 parents came across the brand through ChatterBlock's directories, website ads, and newsletters.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is best known as one of the world’s leading professional jazz dance companies. They run Calgary’s largest recreational dance school for both adults and children.


Decidedly Jazz wanted to maximize their exposure of children’s programs and workshops to the local family market. They were looking to break through the clutter of the many programs offered by competing businesses and gain new clients.


By listing on ChatterBlock, Decidedly Jazz gained new members that are parents who were not previously aware of their programs. This drives engaged parents back to Decidedly Jazz’s website; increasing traffic and the number of registrations.


ChatterBlock provided Decidedly Jazz with great overall brand awareness. Between premium presence and ads, the Decidedly Jazz’s brand was exposed to over 144,000 parents from 2017-2020.

"We are more confident that our summer camps will fill up. We utilize ChatterBlock to put effort into bringing in new parents. Whenever there are newsletters going out and ChatterBlock features us, we see an increase in registrations."

The Campaign

Decidedly Jazz has been a top tier ChatterBlock client since 2017. Their package highlights include:

  • Premium presence in our directories

  • Listing of events and special performances

  • ChatterBlock website ads

  • Inclusion and features in parent newsletters

  • Full campaign management from ChatterBlock’s customer success team

Why ChatterBlock?

“We chose ChatterBlock to tackle into the local family market and as we expanded our space, we felt the need to put more marketing efforts into children’s programs and workshops. ChatterBlock provides in-depth campaigns and great feedback. Being able to have all our kids programs listed up in one place is extremely useful.”

We were pleased to hear from Decidedly Jazz that they appreciate our platform and enjoy the help with planning their yearly sales strategy and remaining organized.

“With ChatterBlock, they provide consistency, quality, and reminders to helps us stay on top of activities. I feel like the team really cares and we have a personal connection.”

-Adriana from Decidedly Jazz on ChatterBlock

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