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New Business Dashboard How-To

Welcome to your new dashboard! Here is a brief tutorial on how to make the best use of your ChatterBlock profile and how to navigate your updated dashboard. The ChatterBlock staff are always happy to help if you have any questions or concerns!

Your Dashboard Homepage

Your dashboard homepage provides a quick look at all of your content and offerings and can be easily accessed by clicking the “My Dashboard” button at the top left of the ChatterBlock navigation bar while logged in.

The four colourful rectangles at the top of your dashboard homepage provide an overview of how many active events, classes, promotions, and ads you have. These rectangles also provide a convenient way to add new events, classes, camps, promotions, or ads by simply clicking the “plus” icon.

The three widgets below this emphasize ways to have a successful profile. The first widget provides an overview of your reviews. You can easily share your ChatterBlock business profile by clicking the “Get More Reviews” button. The second widget shows a graph of your profile strength. This percent is based on whether you have over five images, contact information, a search description, service tags, and an address. All of this can edited under the “Edit Profile Page” menu item or by clicking the “Enhance Profile” button. The final widget shows you what is available on your plan and provides a link to other plan options.

ChatterBlock’s contact information can be found at the bottom of this page, along with a link to more information about our custom apps service.

Your Events, Camps & Classes, and Promos & Ads Pages

Links to these pages can be found under the “Manage Content” header on the left-hand side menu. These pages provide an overview of your content on ChatterBlock. Here you can easily add, edit, delete, and view your content. If your content is not showing up as expected, don’t hesitate to contact ChatterBlock support at

Your Lessons and Party Packages Pages

These features are coming soon so keep an eye out! If you would like to list your party packages on ChatterBlock right now, please contact for more information.

Your Edit Profile Page

Your one stop edit for all things business profile related! Have you turned on the photo carousel on your profile page yet?

Add five or more images with the “Upload Photos” button in the “Gallery Images” widget and visit your ChatterBlock profile page to see the image banner carousel of your images.

On your edit page below you can tell ChatterBlock parents more about your business by highlighting what you have to offer. This can be done by turning on the “My Services” you offer to quickly and easily showcase these on your profile page.

This was something our parent users requested!

Also, by tagging your business with the appropriate tags under “Categories” will help parents find your business on ChatterBlock. Note- Our staff reviews all category changes, so please make sure you only select categories that truly apply to your business (or we reserve the right to remove it).

You can add your business hours under “Hours.” If this field is left blank no hours will be visible on your profile. However, if one or more fields are filled out it is assumed that your business is closed on any days left blank.

Below these forms you have the ability to edit your business logo, summary, and description. If your business is tagged with birthday parties or summer camps additional fields will be visible to write a secondary description specific to either the party packages or summer camps you offer. If filled out, these descriptions will appear in place of your summary on the Parties and Camps & Classes (when filtered by summer camps) pages respectively.

For example, this is how a business displays in our Summer Camp directory:

The more relevant your description is to the particular category a parent is viewing, the better conversions you will see. One generic description often doesn't work for businesses who offer a variety of services like kids parties, summer camps, fall programs, etc. This is why we enabled this feature.

Lastly, at the bottom of the edit page you have the option to change your front facing contact information as well as provide an address. Please note that your changes on this page will not be saved unless the “Save All Changes” button is clicked.

Your User Settings Page

A link to this page can be found under the “Account” header on the left-hand side menu. This page allows you to edit your personal internal information. This information is your user information as opposed to your business information which can be edited in the “Edit Profile Page” forms. This information is only visible between you and ChatterBlock support.

Your Billing Page (Discovery and Accelerator only)

This page only appears to businesses on Discovery and Accelerator plans and can be found under the “User Settings” menu item. This page allows you to easily update your billing details and view your plan and last payment. If you wish to change plans, use the blue “Change Plan” button to navigate to the upgrade options page.

Your Upgrade Options Page

This page provides an overview of what each plan offers as well as our pricing for each plan. Lower on this page you can find ChatterBlock’s frequently asked questions and contact information. If you would like to change your plan, select the appropriate “Choose Plan” button and follow the instructions on the next page.

We hope you enjoy your new profile! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us at

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