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PedalHeads Case Study

Pedalheads raises brand awareness and captures over 2,200 high quality leads as a direct result of advertising with ChatterBlock.

Pedalheads offers bike, swim, and sport summer camps to families in over 45 cities across Canada and the USA.


Pedalheads saw their audience shifting online and wanted to to connect with this changing demographic. This meant moving away from traditional marketing such as print ads. Another frustration with traditional advertising was the difficulty in tracking effectiveness. There was no way to determine their return on investment.


Focusing on summer camp campaigns and increasing their spend with ChatterBlock, complimented with proper tracking in Google Analytics.


In 2018, over 2,200 highly engaged leads went to the Pedalheads website directly from ChatterBlock resulting in many registrations and a high ROI.

ChatterBlock also provides great overall brand awareness. Between premium presence and ads, the Pedalheads brand was exposed to over 114,000 eyes.

"We have marketing goals and for us, ChatterBlock is simply a part of that puzzle. It helps us with awareness and then conversions."

The Campaign

Pedalheads continues to scale their advertising with ChatterBlock year over year to more cities. Their custom package highlights include:

• Premium presence in our directories

• ChatterBlock website ads

• Dedicated email to our subscribers

• Inclusion in parent newsletters and summer camp guides

• Full campaign management from ChatterBlock’s customer success team

Why ChatterBlock?

For Pedalheads, it’s all about high value exposure and registrations. ChatterBlock has a strong highly targeted online presence with parents looking for camps and classes. Being a web-based company, ChatterBlock can provide meaningful metrics to show their real value.

We were pleased to hear from Pedalheads that we came highly regarded as a company to work with for our professional, transparent, effective, and prompt service.

“ChatterBlock consistently improves every year. Pedalheads gets more traffic, exposure and registrations year over year.”

Traffic to Pedalheads pages on ChatterBlock:

(Google Analytics)

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